Macadamia’s introduction to studies 🥜📚

Presented by Christabella Irwanto

Planning for your studies 🤓

  • A lot of freedom and flexibility!
  • Registration opens on WebOodi one month prior to the start of the course and ends at the end of the starting week
  • You can remove your registration anytime (sort of)
  • You can choose which 120 credits you want on your final transcript
  • Retake exams if you fail them
  • Failed courses will not appear on your transcript
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Which courses to take?

  • Me looking up courses on WebOodi
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  • Actually not a bad strategy–try it if it interests you, but drop it if you start struggling

Study plan 🗒

Compulsory courses for the major


Major optional courses


My choices of optional courses


CS-E4870 Research Project in Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Actually a compulsory course—I haven’t taken it yet
  • A course every year in period I-II, where faculty members propose topics for 5 credits
  • The reason why it's a range of 3-10 credits is because you can also get this done via
    • Working in the department
    • Summer projects

CS-E4070 Special Course in Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Topics are always changing, and very interesting! E.g.
    • Gaussian processes - theory and applications
    • Advanced Topics in Deep Learning
    • Adversarial Deep Learning
    • Probabilistic Modelling for Cognition and Interaction: Towards AI That Understands Its User
    • Recent Advances in Deep Learning (starting next week ❗)

CS-E4001 Research Seminar in Computer Science

  • Security and Privacy of Machine Learning (starting next week ❗)
  • If you enjoy reading papers and discussing them, I (and Andrzej) recommend it
  • Samuel Marchal conducts it well and gives great constructive feedback about your presentations

CS-EV Course with Varying Content (2 cr)

Elective studies


  • Everyone's transcript can end up looking very different
  • Let’s talk about just a few interesting electives…

UWAS: University-wide art studies

  • Open to everyone
    • Island workshop: Stay on an island for 4 days
    • How did we get into this mess? Exploring the Past in History, Science and Art
    • Creating Stories and Narratives
  • List of UWAS courses this fall

Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT)

  • Tinka (joined in 2017) did Sustainable Global Technologies Studio L
  • Includes an overseas trip (past countries have included Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal) exploring topics e.g. innovation culture and disaster resilience
  • Non-trivial prerequisites
    • State of the World and Development (2 cr.)
    • Sustainable Built Environment (5 cr.)
    • Motivation letter

Bachelor's level courses

  • Won’t count towards your degree but you can still take them
  • Pao (joined in 2018) did some Bachelor’s courses
    • Data Science
    • Statistical Inference


Create a Telegram group

The chat name is up to you…


Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Chat


Study groups


  • Especially before exams, we book a large meeting room and revise
  • Some classes, e.g. AMDM, encourage discussion, as long as you write your own answers and credit your collaborators in your submission

Study spots

  • Paniikki (24/7 🕛)
  • Learning hub (24/7 🕛)
  • CS library
  • Main library
  • Aalto Spaces, e.g. Tomato 🍅, Basil 🌿, Pumpkin 🎃
  • Helsinki Central Library Oodi
  • Helsinki University Library

Don't forget to relax

You can still have a life!


UniSport membership 💪

  • 147e for a whole year! Includes classes, e.g.
  • Weightlifting
  • Dance
  • Yoga

Enjoy teekkari culture, e.g.

  • Sitsit, cruise, trip, ice-hole swimming


Hiking 👟


Parties 🎉


🔗 Aalto Wellbeing

  • Meetings with a registered psychologist are available free of charge (up to three)
  • Appointments are popular, can have a waiting period of a few weeks

Thanks for listening 🕺

  • For questions you can ping me @lemonpeel on Telegram or ask other Macadamia students (e.g. @apisarek, @paoao)